Thursday, 7 March 2013

Fortune Rice Bran Oil-healthy way to cook healthy dishes

Veg Fried Rice

Basmati rice/Chinese Rice (1kg)
Fortune Rice Bran Oil (4 Tbs)
onions (1 - slender pieces)
French Beans (50 gms)
Carrot (100gms )

Green Pea( 2 )
Soya sauce (2 Tbs)
Black pepper powder (3 Tbs)

Garlic(4 cloves)


1.Take a pan and oil  the basmati rice in water.
2.After 10/15 mins drain the remaining water,keep it aside in a big plate and add some olive oil into it so that the rice will not be sticky.
3.Cut the vegetables(carrots,capsicum.french beans) in small pieces,peel the green peas,cut the onion into slices and chop the garlic. 
4.Take another pan ,add refined/olive oil,add chopped galic ,fry it ,add sliced onions,and after that add the vegetables for frying.
5.Fry the vegetables for 3 minutes ,add soya sauce and black pepper powder.
6.Add the boiled rice and salt to taste.

Best Served with Chilly veg/chilly govi,aloo dum,brinjal fry and pickles :)

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